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"In July of 2014 we published the first crash test protocol and rating guidelines to measure crash protection.  The bar was set by the Sleepypod Clickit Utility in our 2013 study.  We measured the performance of multiple harness brands to determine what the brands could do and compare that to what they should do.  I have provided some links below to help you understand more about the 2013 study and our expectations of performance.

It is important to understand that at the time of this study, there was no way to assess a passing grade. The ranking you read about in our summary report was based on uniformity of performance and the presence of catastrophic failures - it is not a ranking of crash protection performance.  We now evaluate a product based on the presence of extension tether (automatic fail), test dog excursion (how far he flies), materials performance, and hardware/webbing migration (to ensure the product retains a frightened dog at the culmination of an accident).  

Test Evidence Videos:   http://centerforpetsafety.org/research/2013-harness-crash-test-videos/

Summary Report:  http://centerforpetsafety.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/2013_cps_harness_study_summary_final_rev101113.pdf

2013 Top Performer:  http://centerforpetsafety.org/research/2013-harness-study-results/

As for crates, we have performed preliminary testing and caution pet owners about their use - and crash protection offered.  We are currently working to identify a sponsor for a comprehensive containment study.  Our work is expensive - so this level of funding takes more time than any of us like. 

The links below provide more details about crate crash performance - and I have also shared our advisories page to reference for your clients who use the seatbelt to secure smaller carriers."