Feb 03 2016

Every Month is Dental Health Month!

February is National Dental Health Month – but we, at Juan de Fuca Veterinary Clinic strongly believe that EVERY month is dental health month!  Why limit it to one month per year?

Because Juan de Fuca Veterinary Clinic is committed to proper pet oral health, we want to help pet owners provide their dog or cat with comprehensive veterinary dental cleanings that promote long term dental health, but also helps to identify any painful problems as early as possible.
We now offer a Pet Dental Cleaning Package.

The cleaning package includes:
 Complete pet oral exam and consultation from the doctor
 General Anesthesia & Sophisticated Electronic Monitoring – We are highly trained and experienced in pet anesthesia, and you can be assured your dog or cat’s anesthesia will be individualized to their specific needs and your pet will be closely monitored throughout the entire process.
 Thorough, professional teeth cleaning & teeth polishing. Polishing the teeth leaves them smooth and less susceptible to rapid accumulation of tartar and bacteria, as can happen with a pet’s tooth is improperly scaled.
 Peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the gold standard in veterinary dental care that can prevent painful dental disease, and save costs down the road.

Recently there has been a growing trend of pet owners being sold on “anesthesia free pet dental cleanings” provided by groomers or other lay people. Unfortunately, there are also a growing number of dogs and cats who are suffering the consequences of undetected infection and disease due to lack of full dental exam and x-rays. At first glance these anesthesia free cleanings, also called “gentle pet teeth scaling,” “anesthesia free scaling” or “professional preventative outpatient dentistry” seem like a cheaper, safer option. However, we are seeing an increase of cases where pets and owners wallets have paid a far greater price in the long run.

Due to the level of care, training and equipment involved, a professional veterinary dental cleaning does entail a cost to the pet owner that is higher than what a groomer charges to scrape your pet’s teeth, however, we feel providing this discounted package rate will help make the choice for proper veterinary dental care an easier one to make.

For more information on our Dental Cleaning Packages contact our office today!  Don’t wait until your pet has periodontal disease – prevention is the key.  Your pet’s oral health depends on you!


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