Mar 03 2016

Why you should follow your vet on social media…

Have you seen your vet lately? If you’re only checking in at every annual exam, you could be missing a lot—and not just about your pet’s health.  Adding your local veterinary hospital to your virtual social circle can provide a number of benefits for both you and your furry family members, 365 days a year.

Join the family — How much do you know about the professionals caring for your pets? This is an exciting opportunity to get personal and really let their culture shine. As a result, their Facebook feeds, and Youtube channel provide valuable insight into the practice and add some fun along with it.  Throwback Thursday (ever wondered what your pet’s doctor looked like in vet school?).

Learn more about your pet — Move over, Dr. Google. Who better to provide important pet care information than your own trusted vet? Veterinary hospitals’ social media channels are chock-full of valuable pet health content, from blogs and chats to videos and infographics. Many veterinary teams even use real-life examples from their practices as teaching tools for their clients.

Get your adorable animal fix — What could brighten your day more than seeing a furry face or two in your news feed? Fortunately for animal lovers, veterinary hospitals deliver an endless supply of aww-inducing posts.

Take a peek behind the scenes — Ever wonder what happens in “the back” of a veterinary hospital? Thanks to social media, pet owners are now getting an exclusive look! Take a peek at what your veterinary team is up to in the back—and every other area of the hospital—by following them on their social networks. Some even provide virtual tours!

Stay in the loop — Good news or bad, it all travels pretty fast on the Web. Social media is a great way to stay on top of important updates from your veterinary team, such as pet food recalls or hospital closures. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about special events, new products, contests, promos, and other exciting news.

Start a conversation — Social media opens a new door for communication—and client service—by allowing clients to ask questions, voice concerns, or provide feedback and receive a real-time response.

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