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BC Pet Registry! Register your pet today!

By January 23, 2017Uncategorized

BC SPCA has launched a provincial PET REGISTRY.  What is it you ask?

The BC SPCA Pet Registry is a centralized database for pets that have permanent ID (microchip).  Since its launch in 2015, more than 17,000 pets have been registered.  Prior to the pet registry, if a pet was lost and turned in as a stray, shelters had to call multiple registries to track down the contact information for that pet’s guardians.  Often when they were able to identify the guardians, the information or contact details was out of date.  This issue can cause delay in reuniting pets with their people.

Even if your pet is an indoor pet, it is still important to ensure they have permanent ID of some sort.  Any pet can easily escape if a door or window is accidentally left open.  The SPCA receives thousands of stray pets to their shelters each year.  The registry has helped so many reunite with their families!

Pet guardians using the services of any veterinarians across the province, or those whose pets already have permanent identification (microchip), can join the registry simply by going online to create an account, and entering their animal’s microchip number and their contact details.  All information provided by pet guardians is secure and confidential and can easily be updated online.  Registry fees are either annually ($12/year) or lifetime (one time fee of $45).

Check out this extremely useful service!! You can find it at: bcpetregistry.ca


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