Pet Loss and Grief

No matter how long a pet lives with us, the time will never be enough and we will never realize the strength of our attachment to a pet until it is gone.

The loss of a pet is traumatic event. Many people do not realize how important they can be to us and cannot understand the pain we feel when they die.  We invite you to connect with others who have been touched forever by the love of a precious pet, a beloved family member.

If you are…….

  • feeling lost without your pet
  • finding that family and friends fail to understand or attempt to minimize your loss
  • wondering if it is too soon to get another pet
  • still grieving for a pet you had some time ago
  • considering euthanasia

There is someone to talk to – here are some resources that have been helpful to our clients in the past.

Volunteer – (previous PATS pet loss support) anonymous via telephone – basic emotional support.  You provide us with your contact information and desired call back time.  We pass that on to the volunteer – they make contact on a private line (ensure call blocking for private numbers is set to off).

Corrine Allyson – non-judgmental, supportive approach.  Corrine is a fee-for-service therapist – pet loss and grief support.

Sarah Buydens, PhD, Registered Clinical Counsellor



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